DanaHello!  I’m Dana.  Wife and mother to two goofball puppies.  I hail from Canada, but now call Texas home.   Amateur adventurer, photographer, hiker, cook, pedicurist, exerciser, gardener and organizer.  Expert coffee drinker and recovering procrastinator.  I’m trying to figure out how to eat better, be fitter, travel more, and squish a whole lot of living into each day!  I’ll be sharing the secrets behind my successes and the lessons I learn from my mistakes along the way.  I hope you’ll find inspiration from the things in life I’m curious about.  We all deserve to turn our ideas into reality.

About_Me_SailorThis is Sailor, Chief Motivational Officer. Sailor, a catahoula mix, is a special needs puppy that we adopted from the local shelter. His mother, Effie, was abandoned on someone’s property where she roamed for weeks before finally being caught. She had a litter of 9 puppies and of those, 5 passed from a seizure disorder that afflicted 6 of the pups. Sailor was fortunate enough to receive a special treatment for distemper (what most involved in his care concluded may be the cause of his symptoms) and has recently celebrated the milestone of his second birthday. Sailor receives medication twice daily to keep the seizures at bay – although he still suffers one or two breakthrough seizures monthly. He also suffers some balance issues and can get over excited and forget that people need to be treated differently than other dogs. He requires a little more attention than most dogs, but is becoming a mellow, sweet gentleman as he matures. Although he may one day succumb to a seizure from which he can’t recover, at the moment he is thriving and beating the odds!

About_Me_SophieThis is Sophie, Chief Security Officer. Sophie, a boxer/shepherd mix, joined our family as a companion to Sailor and a snugglebutt for her people. She’s very protective of her little brother – guarding him on walks, guiding him out of rooms he’s not allowed to be in, reinforcing parental corrections, and the like. When not fulfilling these duties she does what she does best – play. Sophie is a born athlete, able to jump 6 foot privacy fences in a single bound. As a neighbor once put it: “very impressive”. We’re very grateful we found Sophie at our local shelter and can’t imagine why she spent so much time there and was even returned by one of her former owners. Although still very puppy-like at 2 1/2 years old – she is learning her manners and is a joyful addition to our family.

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  1. Judy McKinstry says: Reply

    Love your site….was fortunate enough to meet your Dad, […edited for privacy] last weekend and he mentioned your site. We, too are transplants…born in the West Indies, immigrated to Canada transferred to the US, St. Louis and now retired and and loving living in South Carolina.. 2 sons, 7 grandsons and 2 fabulous daughters in law live in Charlotte…we are blessed
    Really enjoyed your Giant Causeway article …was just there in 2013 on a family reunion in Armagh N.Ireland….love London also!
    Thanks for your interesting website

    1. Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it! I hear South Carolina is beautiful and hope to visit the state some time. My husband and I think about retiring in the West Indies, but that’s a ways off … we’ll see! I appreciate you visiting the site!

  2. […]Your website is great, love the nut recipe and will use it for sure.[…]

    1. Hey Jo! Great to hear from you! I’ll follow up with you on Facebook. In the meantime, thanks for visiting the site!!

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