Quirky Dusty Rose & Taupe Nails

todayimight.com | Quirky Dusty Rose & Taupe Nails

Sometimes one accent nail isn’t enough!  This quirky nail look was inspired by a brown floral skirt I was wearing to a get-together.  I paired the skirt with a simple brown t-shirt and flip flops because it was a very casual affair.  I wanted some pizzazz to my nails.  Especially since I was likely to have a […]

Tiffany Luxe Pedicure

todayimight.com | Tiffany Luxe Pedicure

Tiffany Blue I learned two things today, one is that butterflies taste with their feet, the other is that the Tiffany Blue hue is copyrighted and cannot be used by other companies to advertise or package. When I saw this Gumdrop shade by Orly at the store it reminded me of Tiffany Blue and I […]

PutTheNailinIt Manicure Campaign by Safe Horizon

todayimight.com | #PutTheNailinIt

Safe Horizon Safe Horizon launched their #PutTheNailinIt campaign.  The campaign encourages people to donate to the cause of ending domestic violence.  In addition, it brings awareness to the prevalence of domestic violence. The PutTheNailinIt campaign encourages people to paint their left ring finger purple.  Doing so is a show of support and raises awareness of the issue. […]

Purple Passion – Pedicure

todayimight.com | Purple Passion Pedicure

For this purple passion pedicure, I thought “Let’s Go Crazy!”.  I think a dark purple is one of my favorite base colors for a pedicure.  Even though I already have a thousand shades of purple in my collection, if I’m looking at polishes I’m always drawn to the purples. Get the Look For this pedicure, […]

Lavender Garden – Pedicure

todayimight.com | Lavender Garden Pedicure

I love this Lavender Garden pedicure look.  There is something elegant and graceful about the color lavender.  It is also very flattering against sun-kissed skin.  Playful enough to wear with shorts and a t-shirt, but also refined enough to wear with a dress on a special occasion. Lavender Garden Pedicure To start, apply two coats […]

Ocean Water – Pedicure

todayimight.com | Ocean Water Pedicure

There’s no greater showcase for fun nails like the beach.  This ocean water inspired pedicure plays on the beautiful aqua colors of the tropical ocean and sparkles in the sunlight. Get the Look Start this pedicure off with two base coats of Orly Snow Cone which is a lovely shade of blue. Once thoroughly dry, apply […]

Pink Hibiscus – Pedicure

todayimight.com | Pink Hibiscus Nails

There is something so pretty and feminine about pink nails. I’m in love with the dusty rose shade used in this pink hibiscus pedicure because it’s fairly neutral.  It’s also very flattering with all types of open-toed shoes. I don’t know about you, but once I’ve been wearing sandals or flip flops for any period […]