Ocean Water – Pedicure

todayimight.com | Ocean Water Pedicure

There’s no greater showcase for fun nails like the beach.  This ocean water inspired pedicure plays on the beautiful aqua colors of the tropical ocean and sparkles in the sunlight.

Get the Look

Start this pedicure off with two base coats of Orly Snow Cone which is a lovely shade of blue. Once thoroughly dry, apply a coat of Sally Hansen Made in Jade to big toes. On remaining toes, apply a coat of Shany Green Glitter from the SHANY Nail Art Set. Allow to dry thoroughly.

For this look, the big toes are then decorated with nail decals from the Cina Nail Creations Under the Sea Collection. Specifically, sea turtles and angelfish. Make sure to have them facing opposite directions on each toe.  A top coat is then applied to seal the decals in place and ensure the pedicure lasts as long as possible.

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