Zilker Botanical Gardens

todayimight.com | Zilker Botanical Gardens, Austin, TX

Maybe it’s not the best time to visit botanical gardens when the web site for the gardens warns: “Please take caution while visiting the garden during the extreme heat wave that we are experiencing.  Senior citizens, small babies and pets are more susceptible to heat exhaustion. Drink plenty of water before and during your visit. […]

Bath, United Kingdom

todayimight.com | Bath, UK

I think I could live in a town like Bath with very little problem. As soon as we stepped off of our tour bus I was enveloped with a sense of peacefulness. There was no hustle and bustle, despite the tourists. The architecture was unified, seemingly ancient and beautifully cohesive. The prevalence of the soft, […]

The Tower of London

todayimight.com | London | Tower of London

We had quite a quick visit to the Tower of London, we arrived at about 4:00 PM, not realizing that they would be closing in 30 minutes at 4:30 (their winter schedule) – the people at the front gates urged us to return the next day so that we had more time, but it was our last […]

Exploring Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

todayimight.com | Ireland | Giant's Causeway

On the Northern Coast of Ireland there is a marvel of geology that everyone travelling to the country owes themselves to visit. The Giant’s Causeway.  The collection of some odd 40,000 basalt, often hexagonal columns is other-worldly. It’s easy to see why this Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site’s history is steeped […]