PutTheNailinIt Manicure Campaign by Safe Horizon

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Safe Horizon

Safe Horizon launched their #PutTheNailinIt campaign.  The campaign encourages people to donate to the cause of ending domestic violence.  In addition, it brings awareness to the prevalence of domestic violence. The PutTheNailinIt campaign encourages people to paint their left ring finger purple.  Doing so is a show of support and raises awareness of the issue.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, according to recent statistics. Sadly, most incidences are never reported.  By donating to the campaign funds can be used to help shelter victims of domestic abuse.  Among other things it helps provide counselling, offer legal representation, provide childcare and employment assistance.

Donate to the cause if you can!  And, paint your left hand ring finger purple to start the conversation to help bring victims from “crisis to confidence”.

Products Used for My PutTheNailinIt Manicure

I used a Sinful Colors polish in the shade “Two Weeks Sober” for my PutTheNailinIt manicure .  Despite the name, it’s one of my favorite shades of purple.  I then used a top coat over it, as well as my other nails to finish the look.  Luckily, my nails were being cooperative and were roughly all the same length.  One nail in the bunch always decides to break or chip.  That tends to stand out like a sore thumb when you have bare nails.  I give myself a day before this happens…  But I digress – support the campaign and make your left ring finger nail purple!


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