30,000 Steps Revisited

todayimight.com | 30,000 Steps Revisited

Ever since I wrote about achieving 30,000 steps in a day I’ve been getting questions such as: How many calories are burned walking 30,000 steps? Does it take long to walk 30,000 steps all at once? How many miles is 30,000 steps? Is walking 30,000 steps a day in achieving weight loss? I’ve paid a lot of […]

Bajan Fish Cakes

todayimight.com | Bajan Fish Cakes Recipe

The holidays around my house always meant that my Dad would make Bajan Fish Cakes.  They would be for guests, but we were allowed to have a few.    My attempts to request them at other times during the year were sadly unsuccessful.  As an adult, when visiting Barbados, I order fish cakes whenever I […]

Peppered Party Nuts

todayimight.com | Peppered Party Nuts Recipe

With the holidays almost upon us it’s time to think about delicious nibbles you can serve to guests when you’re entertaining.  These Peppered Party Nuts offer addictive bites that are equally salty, sweet and spicy.  It’s a good thing they are so quick and easy to prepare because as soon as you put them out, they’ll […]

Cheddar Beer Bread

todayimight.com | Cheddar Beer Bread Recipe

As much as it pains me to use a beer in this Cheddar Beer Bread instead of drinking it, it’s worth the sacrifice. For this bread I used an Oktoberfest beer from Real Ale Brewing Company – a craft brewer out of Blanco, Texas.  It’s a medium bodied Fall beer that is great for this hearty Cheddar […]