June Jumpstart: Wrap-Up

todayimight.com | June Jumpstart Wrap-up

A month goes by pretty fast when you’re exercising your butt off!  Here we are at the end of the June Jumpstart.  Overall, a pretty successful month for fitness I think!  The 28 day total weight loss was 8.1 pounds – right at the recommended 2 pounds per week.  In terms of inches I lost a total of 8.5 over all. The biggest loss was around the waist which is the area I would target if I could (thighs being a close second).  I’m happy with the results of my efforts.

A.  Clean Eating

In the grand scheme of things, my diet was pretty healthy during the month of June.  In hindsight, it always seems like you could have done more.  I could have been more regimented in my caloric intake.  I could have been even stricter with my sugar and sodium intake. However, I think if I had done that, as soon as I returned to a more manageable diet (and you always have to go back to a regular diet eventually) I would see the pounds come back.

For me, the key is to eat food as close to the way it comes naturally as possible.  Focus on what’s in season.  Visit the local Farmer’s Market and help your local farmers, rather than some big grocery chain, what they have available is local and in season – not flown in from another country.

todayimight.com | June Jumpstart | Eat Local Produce

B.  30 Day Plank Challenge

Technically, I still have one more day for the 30 Day Plank Challenge.  Tomorrow I’m supposed to hold a plank for as long as I can with good form and compare it to when I started.  I don’t have the number yet – but I know it will be significantly higher than it was on day one.  I’m still not in love with planks in any form – but I do have a greater sense of appreciation for them.  I’m also going to endeavor to keep them a regular part of my workouts.

C.  Running

After hitting the trails hard this past month I think I’m due for a new pair of kicks.  Our local running shop recommends you replace your running shoe every 300-500 miles, depending on the durability of the shoe.  When I pulled up my 3 month total from my Fitbit Dashboard, it shows over 500 miles.

todayimight.com | June Jumpstart | 3 Month Mileage

Granted, not all of those miles were traversed in my running shoes, or any shoes at all, but I think a significant amount are. Just to be sure though, I also did a “pancake test” on my shoes. You can see how this test is done here: The Rogue Pancake Test.  I can’t completely invert the toe, but there is definitely more give than there should be.

D.  Cross-Training

It takes a certain amount of discipline for me to jump on a stair climber or elliptical machine.  I don’t get any joy from it – it’s a necessary evil.  Since summer is in full swing though, I’m going to ditch the machines (weather permitting) in favor of biking or swimming for my cross-training for the rest of the summer.  At the very least I’ll have more fun getting in shape – at best I’ll be better prepared for a triathlon in my near future.

todayimight.com | June Jumpstart | Community Pool

With this at my disposal, why wouldn’t I be here instead of at the gym, under florescent lights on a machine for an hour.

E.  Strength Training

Again, when I can I am going to look at the world as my gym for the remainder of the summer. Tricep dips every time I see a bench on the trail – maybe some decline push-ups there too?  I’ll have to see where the opportunities arise.

F.  Foam Rolling

I’m going to bite the bullet and pick up a foam roller for home.  That way I can foam roll before and after any workout whether it’s at home or the gym.  The foam rolling has been great for working out knots in my muscles and speeding up recovery after a strenuous run.

So, while June was successful, I have to maintain momentum to reach my long term goals.  I found that switching my workouts to the morning this month really got things going  and mentally prepared me for a productive day.  I also had a some friends cheering me on from the sideline.

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